Here you can read the latest news regarding the roastery. New beans, events, new collaborators and more! Stay tuned by following me on Instagram and Facebook.

Two new Espresso Blends!

Finally they are in store, two new superstrong espressos. Both with
30 % robusta from Uganda.

The wheelsucker espresso with Rwanda and the Tramuntana with Yirgcheffe! Read more about them at the shop!

Kalervos in Halmstad

DonĀ“t miss out on Kalervos in Halmstad, every day they serve fantastic lunch and on fridays with there special meal they use the nordic Roastery coffee!

Virgili selection

A new blend for filter coffee!
A medium roast with coffee from Indonesia and Brazil. Sweet taste with a haselnut aftertaste!

Art on another level

During a few weeks we've been working with an artist from Sweden. All glassware we use at the roastery are hand painted. If you want your own set of painted glass you can buy them simply by visiting the roastery or e-mail me.

Montly Coffee!

If you want an easy way to get speciality coffee, you can subscribe to my monthly coffee, just as you want it!

Jesper Asselman is flying!

Our loyal coffee supporter and cyclist AKA Jesper Asselman has been using our coffee since I opened the shop. This spring he's been racing super good with a lot of good results, including a stage win and leaders jearsy in Tour of Yorksire!
It must be the coffee right?!