About Me




As you can see from the photo, it's not only coffee that make me smile. As long as i can remember I have competed, as much as I could and in as many sports as I could. I not only like the competetive side but also really like the training side. So in the end after trying alot of diffrent sports I decided to try my luck on the bike. Since then I have been in love, racing all over Europe and loving the life of a cyclist.


It was also thanks to cycling that I started to enjoy a good cup of coffee. The religion of cycling is to stop at coffee shops, drink, eat, and talk shit with friends. So after plenty of coffees I started to feel the need to discover what made the difference between a good and a bad coffee.


After living on Mallorca three winters in a row I figured out that it was far from every cafĂ© that had what I call a good coffee. So I decided to do something about it, and now here I am creating something that tastes far better than most places. And I hope that you too will experience the difference between the average spanish roastery and  what  Nordic Roastery has to offer.




"A good cup of coffee can make a bad day into a great one"



There is always a good reason to enjoy a coffee. Whether going out for training, trying to wake up in the morning, or just you want to relax with some friends. So why not make your day a little better, and drink something that will make you smile?



Please feel free to contact me via email with any questions you may have.

I always want to read your thoughts about the coffee

and if you want more, even better.